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A One Brand Makeup Look....Almost - Espoir Edition

I am back with an attempted look, and this time, I was inspired to do a one-brand makeup thing, like what the popular Youtubers do. This one, is the Espoir edition. As far as I know, not many K-Beauty addicts outside of Korea know this brand. This is like, as one blog puts it, an equivalent to MAC in the States, and I can agree especially with the way they package their products. It's in the mid to high end range in terms of K-Beauty, or bordering on high end, but they're in the same league in price range as Laneige and IOPE, but not quite on the level like Hera and Sulhwasoo just yet.

This look is rather simple. I got inspired by Awkwafina's makeup in the Build series interview. She's playing Peik Lin in the Crazy Rich Asians movie (hands up if you're watching). This calls for a simple wash of color on the lids, but I put my own twist on it with blue winged liner and a tint. It's a look I could see myself wearing everyday. As implied in the title, nearly every…

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