Banila Co. Clean it Zero Purity Review

By the request of a friend of mine, this may not be in my latest haul, but it was part of my Christmas haul, as I was shopping for gifts for my sister, my mom and my friends. I bought this off beautymnl as well, for about Php 1,000. The Banila Co. Clean it Zero Purity cleansing balm. This is a version of their best-selling Clean it Zero cleansing balm, but this is for those with sensitive skin. If you want to go ahead and try this out, I suggest going with this kind before getting to the regular one. 

Cleansing balms are, balms. To put it simply, it's like cleansing oil that's turned into a balm type, which means it can remove your makeup and all that. 

This is basically what it looks like, a tub with 100mL of product. It's made out of really durable plastic which makes it great to have when you travel. But if you find it bulky, you can always transfer some of the product to smaller containers. 

There's a spatula included, for hygiene purposes. As you can see I've pretty much used up more than half already. I'm nearing my second tub, which I have yet to purchase. 

What it looks like on my hand. Like I said, it's a cleansing balm that melts as soon as you rub it on your skin. 

Testing this out. From left to right: Innisfree Powerproof brush liner in dark navy and light brown, Aritaum full cover stick concealer in light beige, Aritaum All Day Tip concealer in natural beige, Banila Co. Cushion gel liner in brown, Nature Republic liquid eyeliner, Etude House Play 101 Pencils and Moonshot Pencil Extreme eyeliner, Innisfree gel liner in brown, Banila Co. Triple Wonder Auto gel liner in black, Innisfree vivid tint rouge in pink ade, Banila Co. Water Love Glow tin. 

All you have to do is take some of the cleansing balm and then rub it all over the makeup marks. It depends on how much you get, I think I got too little when I put this on. The directions actually say to just wipe it off, but I prefer washing it off so it'll be really clean. 

Ta-da! Here's what my arm looks like after I've cleaned almost everything off. The Innisfree tint didn't fare so well, and my arm got red from scratching the pen liner. But it fares pretty well actually. You can always clean the remainder off with some cleansing water or makeup remover. 

Rating: 4/5 
Will I repurchase: Yes. 

It didn't break me out, it just really works wonders when it comes to taking my makeup off. All in all, this is a good product to have. 


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