Banila Co. Cushion Gel Eyeliner & Eye Love Cushion 3D Brow Review

And now for another review from yours truly. I've decided to do a review of two products in one post, to make it a little easier + the two of them are basically the same. The Banila Co. Cushion Gel Eyeliner and the Eye Love Cushion 3D Brow gel. I got both of them for Php 720 each off beautymnl. My review for the former has also been published as a top review for the week too! Lemme share a screenie: 

But anyway, I thought I'd share a more detailed review of that + the brow gel. Anyway, as you may have noticed, cushions/cushion products seem to be the trend lately. Since the rise of the bb cushion/cushion foundation, brands are starting to apply this same concept on other products, and even Western brands like Lancome and L'oreal have come out with their own cushion foundations as well. IOPE's got a cushion blush, Laneige has a cushion highlighter and concealer, Etude House has also recently come out with a cushion concealer, and now Banila Co. (along with Hera, another K-beauty brand) has come out with a cushion eyeliner! 

For the eyeliner, I got it in brown as the black was sold out, and for the cushion brow, I got it in gray brown to match my hair. 

They have their own tiny brushes to go with it, which is cute, especially with the Banila Co logo on them. It's a ton of product actually for a gel liner and an eyebrow gel, but maybe that's just me. 

Inside, there's a net on top of the product, so when you dip your brush into it, you get just the right amount. It's actually cleaner if you think about it. The net serves as a barrier, so hardly any bacteria would go inside. The only thing you'll probably only have to worry about is to clean the brushes you use. The camera acted up when I was about to take a photo of the swatches but you pretty much know what it'll be like with these two. Oh, and eyebrow gels are making their way into Korean beauty brands, as I have noticed, as western brands like Anastasia and Make Up For Ever have their own brow gels, and probably started the whole brow gel trend. 

 LOL I'm sorry for my face in that one, or my eyes rather. My phone's broken so I had to resort to my camera to take all the photos here (and you know it's hard to take a selca with a regular digital camera) Anyway, here's what it basically looks like after a few hours. The ends of my eyeliner's smudged but that's just natural as I was sweating the entire time + I didn't have any eyeshadow primer on. The eyebrows stayed the same though. 

Eye Love Cushion 3D Brow Rating: 5/5
Would I repurchase? Yes. 

Cushion Gel Eyeliner Rating: 5/5
Would I repurchase? Yes. 

All in all, these two would achieve rather fool-proof results. If you're pretty new to makeup and want to try gel liners or brow gels to keep your eyes and brows look on point, these are a good bet. They may be pricey, but I imagine that they will last for a long time, at least until it's expiration date. 

So, that's it for my review for these two. Comment down below if you've tried these! I have another review to do, this time it's also for another eyeliner, from the same brand (I've only recently started to get into Banila Co. more and more, lol, so forgive me). 


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