What's New In K-Beauty

So for a while, I was thinking of making a post where I give you all lovely readers of mine some information on what's new in the world of Korean makeup, specifically the makeup brands that we have either tried, are trying out, and are wanting to try. So far, I've gathered some information on the new releases some of the big makeup brands have. Warning: lengthy post ahead, haha. 

Etude House

To celebrate the Year of the Monkey, Etude House has come out with a line of eyeshadows from their "Look at My Eyes" range called the Wish Monkey Eyes. The packaging is the same, but they have a cute drawing of a monkey on the lid which is also embossed on the shadows themselves. 

Apart from that, they also have a Big Cover line. What's their Big Cover line? From what I can see, it's a line of concealers! That supposedly give good coverage. Apart from the usual tip concealers that they have, two of which are the same but are also quite different, they also have a cushion concealer and of course, the ever-so-reliable stick concealer which I wasn't able to get a photo of. Laneige has done the latter before, so I can probably assume that this would be a more affordable option for those of you who want to try out a cushion concealer. 

In terms of skincare, they have also released two new lines, and one is called the Honey Cera line. This line is supposed to give the person plump, firm, as well as moisturized skin. This isn't just for the face, it's also for the body as well as they have firming body creams in the range. 

Another skincare line that they have released is called the True Relief line. From what I gather, this line is targeted towards those who have a sensitive and dry skin type. The True Relief line aims to provide maximum hydration but is gentle enough. 


Another brand that is celebrating the Year of the Monkey this year, Innisfree did a collaboration with Paul Frank and released special editions of some of their products. A line of nail polish, gel nail polish, as well as hand creams and even pouches and bags that have the iconic monkey pattens on their packaging. Super cute! 

As for skincare, Innisfree has come out with quite a few lines for skincare. Two of those are the Blueberry Rebalancing Line and the Broccoli Clearing Line. Much like their other skincare lines, they have the same types of products, sans eye cream, I think. The Broccoli Clearing range is for skin issues like blackheads and sebum, while the Blueberry Rebalancing range is for issues like maintaining the skin's PH balance as well as moisture. 

The other three lines are the Kale Anti-Oxidant line, Red Beet Bright Toning line and the Oat Mild Moisture line. The Oat Mild Moisture line is for intensive moisturizing and nutrition, the Kale Anti-Oxidant is as the name implies, for your skin's dose of anti-oxidants and lifting power, and the Red Beet Bright line is for purifying and moist care. All the skincare lines I've mentioned are all part of their Superfood Skin Care line. 


Now, steering away from the monkeys, Missha has collaborated with the much-loved characters on LINE and thus the Missha X Line Friends range was born. With special editions of their magic cushion, lip tints, eyeshadow palettes, and hand creams. 


And now, onto the more high-end stuff, Espoir has launched a new range called the Chess X Peace line. As you can see, the line is of course inspired by the chess pieces and the chess board. This is made up of 2 eyeshadow palettes, as well as their couture touch lip fluid and their no wear luster matte lipstick. Like Innisfree, they also have really classy pouches to go with it. 

That's all I've gathered so far from the new lines the brands are launching! Comment down below if you've wanted to try those out. 


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