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Since I am currently on a makeup ban and on a skincare spree, I might not have much products to try out and review at the moment, but! A friend of mine advised me to make a list of online shops where you can try out Korean makeup and skincare, most especially if you're new to the wonderful world of K-beauty. Below, I've listed several online shops, which I may or may not have tried yet, that ship worldwide, as well as the online shops within the Philippines, for those of you who are from the PH, and including a K-beauty brand which does worldwide shipping. 

Oh, and I may do a post about what's new in the world of K-beauty (or at least the new stuff I could find) in the coming days as work is a little loose this week. 

International online shops:

ibuybeauti - Free shipping over $50 and there's the option to have it shipped via k-packet. K-Packet is faster than registered mail, but not as fast as EMS. Plus, with every purchase, they give you free samples of things. 

kpoptown - This online shop has everything, from kpop merch (both official and unofficial), to albums, to makeup. They have a lot more products compared to ibuybeauti, but they are just as good. 

jolse - They generally do free shipping, but there's an extra fee if you need a tracking number. They have some brands which are not available in the previous two, and they also give free samples, including (the one I got from a package I ordered) their own brand of oil control film. 

Yesstyle - A shop based in HK and is a co-site of YesAsia (which is basically where the kpop/jpop/cpop merch is). They give free gifts when you reach a minimum amount. 

W2Beauty - They also offer free shipping and give samples whenever you order. 

Cosmetic Love - Another site which does free shipping with every order, and there are a lot of brands to choose from. 

WishTrend - Compared to the others, they have some products in which they offer free shipping for. But they generally provide free shipping if you order over $69. Plus, they have Wish boxes, sort of like memebox, but they're not exactly a monthly service from what I've seen, and are there until supplies last. They also have a lot of brands in here too. 

Althea - This is the PH site, but it's basically similar to how there's a Sephora Philippines. They are a K-beauty shop as well, that deliver directly to your doorstep. Free shipping if you order over Php 1500. 

Vexicot -  Another online shop that sells Korean cosmetics and skincare. I haven't tried shopping here yet but they do sell Pony Effect. 

Local Online Shops: Note that most, if not all, of these shops are on a pre-order basis, unless you can find a shop that's mostly onhand. But I do advise to be very careful as some online shops sell fake products. These shops that I've been able to look at swear that their products are authentic. 

thesidebum - I can't seem to find their FB page so here's a link to their instagram page. They do pre-orders for makeup, most especially when the brands are having a sale. 

BeautyMNL - Where I get most of my skincare products for the time being. If you plan on going on a Banila Co. spree, they will give you a sample kit and a coupon for a free makeover when you purchase at least Php 1,500 on their products. 

kkochipida - Another local online shop that has limited products as most are out of stock, but recently they put up new arrivals on their site, so you can check them out. 

Kimchi Jib - Another site that goes on a pre-order basis, and also has a lot more brands. Note that if you're choosing to pay via paypal, you have to PM them first on facebook that you are. 

Korean Cosmetics PH - If you don't have an ebay account, PM them on their facebook page. 

Dara Beauty Market - For those who reside in the Cebu area. Of course they ship nationwide as well. They just also opened up a site for you to shop easier! Daraholic.com.

Sesura - They sell mostly Innisfree, some of the products from Beyond's Alice in Wonderland themed line, The SAEM, and 3 Concept Eyes. 

Fashion Doll House - They do pre-order, but they usually have a ton of onhand products. you can message them if you want some price quotations too. 

The Skin Care Curator - Your source of Korean skincare! They sell a lot of Cosrx, Benton, and some other Korean skincare brands. 

Philosophie - A fairly new online shop that sells a number of products. From the IOPE cushions to the Innisfree skinny microcara. 

Brands That Ship Worldwide: 

Moonshot - YG Entertainment's cosmetic brand that's soon to have G-Dragon and Dara as the face of the brand. They only ship via EMS, so expect that the cost of everything is slightly pricey depending on what you get. If you buy a total of $100 upwards, they give you free gifts. 

MIOGGI - While the online shop for this brand is based in Hong Kong, you can still get this Korean brand through their shop. Their sunblock as well as the Essential Skin Activator and 24 Hour Mist are my faves. If you can't order here, Ibuybeauti has some of their products in stock. 

Etude House - Yes, yes, they do have stores here in the Philippines, but! Naturally, they are not as up to date as the stores in Korea themselves. They also ship worldwide. 

Innisfree - I was slightly disappointed that Innisfree doesn't ship to my location for some reason despite the prices on the site being converted into Php. But for my readers who are from other places, you can give their site a go and shop for Innisfree products here! They often have promos and special sales too. 

Banila Co. - This is the official PH site. They sadly don't offer Cash-On-Delivery option yet, but maybe soon they will. For now, you can stick to BeautyMNL for your source of Banila Co. products. 

Aritaum - Aritaum lovers (like me) rejoice! As Aritaum also has a site and ships worldwide! Keep in mind that they also house products from brands like Hanyul, Mamonde, Laneige, and IOPE. 


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