Another What's New In K-Beauty 2016

It can be hard to keep up with the trends in the beauty community, mostly because the brands continuously release new products or new additions to their usual ranges as well. So, I've gathered some info on what some brands are releasing as while the seasons change, so do the makeup trends. 

They have posted on their official instagram about their newest product, the Jeju Lava Seawater Essence, which I could only assume would be part of a line (because Innisfree's like that). More information would hopefully be released soon. 

EDIT: After some researching, this is part of their Jeju Lava Seawater line, that includes not only an essence, skin, lotion, and cream, but there is also a deep essence, eye serum, ampoule skin, and intensive ampoule. This line is designed for rich moisturization and anti-aging effects, including smoothening out of wrinkles, and all that. 

In the previous What's New post I did, I mentioned that they released their Chess X Peace line, and then more recently, they've come out with a new line as well. Their Pin-Up Curler line, taking their cue of the Pin-Up girls of the 1950's, with eyeshadow duos, mascaras, blushers, including nail polishes. 

And, another thing that they've released is their 2016 S/S collection of their NoWear signature lipsticks! Lipstick junkies rejoice! This collection is more focused on the reds and the pinks, and the shades between. 

A very popular skincare brand in Korea has yet to launch their newest product, the Midnight Blue Calming Cream (you can find more info on WishTrend) and here's a screenie from the site: 

As implied in it's name, the cream claims to be able to soothe irritated or troubled skin. 

It pays to follow one of their in-house makeup artists on instagram, haha. Anyway, since the news of GD and Dara being the newest faces of the brand, they have also released some new products which are now available for pre-order on their official e-shop. When all the other K-beauty brands have come out with their cushion products, Moonshot has hopped on the cushion bandwagon as well, with their newest base makeup items; the Moonflash cushion, a.k.a, the Dara Cushion, and the Microfit cushion, a.k.a, the G-Dragon cushion. 

The GD cushion (Microfit cushion) is non-darkening and gives off a bright skin tone. While the Dara cushion (Moonflash cushion) is more of a highlighting cushion or a base cushion (sort of like Etude House's Mineral Magic Any Cushions), giving the skin a strobing effect. Apart from the cushions which will be out soon, Moonshot has come out with new shades of their ever-so-popular jelly pots and powder block single shadows as part of their 2016 Spring collection and a new lip product, their lip treatment glow. 

I will be heading to Korea in September just for a short trip with friends and family, so hopefully I can still get my hands on these products by then. If not, I'll pick them up online, hehe. 

Pony Effect
Youtuber and CL's makeup artist Pony, has released a newer, sleeker line of makeup, Which is a step up from her That Girl makeup line. Compared to her That Girl line, this one has more base products, like a liquid foundation, powder pact, as well as her own puff, but also has point makeup, such as stick shadows and lip tints. 

Banila Co
Another addition to their Fall in Seoul line, is this. 

The brand's spring collection features a lot more pastels, in terms of the nail polish, and the packaging of both the cushion and the eyeshadow quads. This would personally be my favorite when I get the chance to try them mostly because I love pastel colors. 

So, that's all I've gathered. I have yet to figure out what to post next, but please look out for it! 


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