What's New In K-Beauty 2.0

Here we are again! With another post on what's new in the world of K-Beauty. I apologize for not being able to post this on time as things got crazy lately in the real-life world. So many brands have released a ton of new products, that you'll probably see a growing trend amongst them, so I will get to it! 

Pony Effect: 
Pony's released a few more products to her own line. In a previous what's new post, I've mentioned that she's come up with a pebble puff, foundation, powder, and lip products. This one, she's released her own brush sets with a magnetic brush holder, and more eyeshadow quads! With seemingly wearable shades. 

Tony Moly: 
In line with their Cheektone and facetone products, they've also jumped in on the growing makeup trend in Korea coming all the way from the West: Contouring and highlighting. They've released their Cheektone Highlighter Duo and Cheektone Contour Duo. 

Ever want to get into gel nails but don't want to go through the time-consuming process of having to have an LED lamp to dry them? Look no further as Tony Moly has launched a line of gel nail polishes, so you can apply, and let dry without the use of an LED lamp. Personally, this is very convenient for me as I don't need to take hours off my day just to have my nails done as I'm constantly swamped in work. Gel nails without the lengthy process? It's a yes for me. 

They've released a few products, namely fixers and setting powders. A 24/7 Mist Fixer to set makeup as well as a 24/7 Powder Fixer, and a 24/7 Lash Fixer to set your mascara. 

They also have their Pocket Oil Control Paper Pact. What is this exactly? Too Cool For School has something like this, but it's a compact type of oil blotting sheets, but instead of holding the sheet itself, you use a puff-type thing to do it. It's honestly a little gimmicky, but I could see how that would come useful. 

Etude House:
I can only assume that this is something new, a new range of eyeshadows, but I'll look into this later on. I can say, however, that I always liked Etude House's eyeshadows for being very pigmented. 

Another thing that's new with this brand? They have their Precious Mineral Any Cushion, the Precious Mineral Magic Cushion that comes in peach, pink, and green, and now they have the Real Powder Cushion; which is basically the matte or semi-matte version of their Any Cushion. They have also repackaged their AC Clinic line, now called AC Clean Up, a range of products for acne prone skin or troubled skin. They have added an AC Clean Up After Balm, Liquid Patch, and Cleansing Water to the line. I wonder how the Cleansing Water and the Liquid Patch would work, though. 

Another brand that's hopped onto the Highlighting-Contouring trend is Aritaum! They've released their Magic Contouring Line, with 2 Magic Contouring Duos, one cream, one powder, and a single Magic Contouring Highlighter. 

They're mostly known for their skincare. They have a Make Me Lovely Cream, which is a tinted moisturizer to give you a healthy glow. It comes in a tube, and in a few days, they have finally hopped onto the cushion bandwagon and will release a Make Me Lovely Cushion! It's the Make Me Lovely Cream in cushion form. Hopefully beauty sites everywhere will be able to stock up on this because I definitely plan on picking one up. 

This one brand that I'm starting to love more and more even though I don't have anything of theirs yet (hehe!) has also released a new kind of eyeliner. The Pro Tailor Palette Liner. Comes with a brush that you can adjust to your preferred angle when you do your eyeliner. The eyeliner itself is squeezed out of a tube (sort of like how you put paint on a mixing palette) and you use the brush to line your eyes. They come in your usual range of shades, black, dark brown, and even olive green. 

This one is for their men's line. The Light Up BB Cream. 

Another product that they have is their Near Skin Pro-Vitamin Liquid and Near Skin Pro-Vitamin Cream. These are indicated for those of us who have dull and dark skin (kinda colorist but I don't really know what they mean by this) and want to lighten it up. Similar to Espoir's new release, Missha has also come out with their Palette Paint Liner, with three shades, black, brown, and deep wine, with a built-in brush as well. 

Lip product lovers rejoice for this one. Mamonde's released a bunch of lip tints, called the Highlight Lip Tint. It comes in a variety of shades. The Highlight Lip Tint has a mousse-like texture according to the swatches I see, but comes on smoothly and goes on matte, as other lip tints would.  

Too Cool For School:
The brand famous for their Artclass by Rodin Contouring Powders, has not only released a Highlighter version, but they've also released a Coconut Milky Mist. I have yet to look up what this is exactly, but I can assume it's just your regular face mist that cares for your skin (uh duh) and doesn't necessarily set your makeup. 

So, that's about it, or what I can gather from the new releases so far this year. Oh, and I have another juicy piece of information to share with my lovely readers. For those of us who are fans of "Descendants of the Sun", the ever-so popular drama lately on KBS starring Song Hyegyo and Song Joongki, here's something. 

Usually, in Korea, the very makeup products the famous leading ladies of popular dramas would be seen wearing, end up going out of stock. It happened with Jeon Jihyun in "My Love From The Stars", where she was seen wearing not only the famous IOPE Air Cushion, she was also wearing some shades of IOPE's Waterfit Lipstick, and once people knew what shade it was, it ended up getting sold out! 

So, everyone knows that Song Hyegyo is the face of Laneige, and thus she's only seen using products from the brand, particularly one lippie that has everyone wondering what shade it is. 

Song Hyegyo wears the Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar in one of the brand's newest shades, Juicy Pop. For those of us who want it, head on over to the nearest Laneige boutique or go to your trusted beauty sites that sell Laneige products. 

There might be products that I missed, so please let me know if there are more (which I am sure there are). 


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