What's New In K-Beauty 2.5

And I come bearing good news and bad news. The good news is, there are a ton of products that the brands have come out, whether known or not. The bad news is that there are a ton of new products to try out. Good for us to know, bad for our wallets. Anyway! I am not exactly sure whether some of these are new or not, but it's certainly new to me anyway. Just a little disclaimer since I'm not exactly a good source for these things. It helps to follow their instagram accounts. 

Here are more new products coming out! 

Etude House: When the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk collection of lipsticks came out, the mini-CFs or which took on in the form of Dara getting the attention of SHINee members with the shade of lipstick she puts on (got me squealing at her part with Minho), they have also since released the Dear My Wish Lips Talk lipsticks, and now? The Dear My Blooming Lips Talk - Chiffon. The packaging steers away from the original DMBLT lipsticks, but of course for a new line under the same name, the finish is different. 

Aritaum: Another favorite brand has released a lip product and a skincare product and even another collaboration!. First of which, is the Vita Milk Cream, and the Lip Color Cover Tint. The Vita Milk Cream whitens and brightens, as well as hydrates your skin. The Lip Color Cover Tint, in keeping with the 2016 S/S trend of bold and matte lip colors, is just that. With a mousse-like texture, it's creamy, dries matte, and is very long-lasting. 

They have another line, the AritaumXBarbapapa collection, which is mainly kinds of sunscreen. They have the Face & Body Suncream, the Tone-Up Sun Pact (see picture), and the Aqua Sun Gel. 

Hanyul: The brand famous for their Essential Skin Softners, has released a few products. The first one, the Pure Artemisia Line, including a Watery Calming Fluid, and a Watery Calming Toner. From what I can assume, this is for calming tired/distressed skin, sort of like the steps before you apply the Klair's Midnight Blue Calming Cream. They also have the Optimizing Mask, a sleeping pack that supposedly makes your skin look younger and improves your skin's texture. 

Missha: Just when they came out with the Palette Liners, they also now have liquid liners in brush form. The Color Fix Liners, which actually have more colors than the Palette Liners, seeing as there's a white, a lighter brown, and a dark blue. Missha has also come out with matte versions of their painting rouge, in keeping with their 2016 S/S trend. 

Beyond: Famous for the Alice in Wonderland collection, they have a bigger size of their other bestseller, the Phyto Aqua Cream. 

Skinfood: And out comes the SkinfoodXEva Armisen collection! It's their cushion pacts packaged with designs from the artist herself, along with the 0.9 Moist Cream. 

3 Concept Eyes: They're a relatively pricey brand, sort of like a mid-range kind of brand. They have come out with their liquid lipsticks, or their 3CE Lip Lacquer. 

Nature Republic: Yes, that brand which has EXO as their endorsers. Nature Republic came out with a new kind of lip tint. Well, new to their brand, since a lot of other brands have done it. Their Jelly Tint. I personally liked their Magic Makeup Remover and their Water Tint, so hopefully I can pick one up if it's ever available here in the Philippines. 

A'Pieu: Because summer (in Korea) is fast approaching, the brand has their Soft Snow Gel Foam. I can assume this is more of a cooling product to help with the oncoming heat they have in their weather. Similar to Innisfree's Eco Safety Head Cooling Gel, or something like that. 

Tony Moly: They have hopped on to the cleansing balm trend and came out with the Pro Clean Soft Sherbet Cleanser, among the other cleansers they have in their line. Does this fare well like with the Banila Co. and Heimish one? We will have to see. 

IOPE: They have sort of renamed and, I think, even repackaged their famous air cushions a little bit. If you're looking to buy an IOPE cushion, you can choose between Natural Glow, Moisture Lasting, Matte Longwear, and Intense Cover.

Innisfree: This one probably takes the cake when it comes to cushion foundations this year. I'm guessing, for a limited time only, the brand has launched a "My Cushion Case". Meaning, you can pick not only the kind of foundation you want (Long Wear Cover, Water Glow, Ampoule Moisture - formerly Ampoule Intense), but you can also choose from a variety of cushion cases as well as the type of puff! 

Holika Holika: And another collaboration is up in the works! And it takes in the form of Holika HolikaXGudetama! Lovers of the lazy egg, or just people who are all for the cute packaging will love this line. It doesn't just come in the form of their prettily packaged cushions. Much like Missha's Line Friends line, the Holika Holika Gudetama line extends to cushion puffs, a cute blusher with gudetama's face on it, peeling masks, sheet masks, lip products, along with specially packaged essences and cleansers. 

So, that's about it so far. If you've noticed, the 2016 S/S beauty trend in Korea has started with bold, matte lips, so, if you ever want to hop on to that, wear your favorite matte lippie loud and proud. 


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