What's New In K-Beauty 3.0

And here I am, back again with another update for all you lovely readers out there. While I am unfortunately under a makeup ban until September, I will probably post another review of skincare products the week after next week (because by then it'll be payday, hehe). Anyway, I'm here to update you all on the new beauty trends coming in with the various k-beauty brands out there, 80% of which come from Pony Effect and Etude House, so let us get started! 

Once again, I'm not really a credible source because some of the products I would mention down below may or may not be new. 

Etude House
The brand's pretty much known for releasing new stuff quite frequently so it's understandable that a lot of us might not be able to keep up. For those of us who have acne-prone skin, the brand has released a cushion foundation especially for your skin type! Hurrah! The AC Mild Cushion. I'm assuming that not only does it provide some amount of coverage and makes your skin look nice, it also has the added skincare benefit of maybe treating your acne too, or at least be gentle enough to not cause breakouts, thus the 'mild' in it's name. 
They have also released yet another palette for their Play Color Eyes palettes. This one is inspired by the cold and sweet treat we all love, from the mint green casing to the shadows that remind us of our favorite flavors. We're gonna be screaming for this palette, I'm sure. 
And another line to add to their nail polish lines, Etude House has also come out with the Sweet Jam One Coat for Nails nail polishes. 

While they've experienced a boom in sales because of Song Hye Gyo in "Descendants of the Sun", they've released yet another product, perhaps useful for the incoming summer season in Korea. Just when you thought you loved their BB Cushions, they have come out with another cushion product, this time, it's a cushion product for the whole body! The Sparkling Body Cushion, guaranteed to make your body nice and flawless, especially if you're heading to the beach. 

Many brands in general have been known to collaborate with popular Youtube beauty gurus and bloggers. Missha is a brand to add to the list. They have collaborated with known K-blogger Calary Girl, launching a few products to go with it!

Jung Saem Mool Beauty:
I'm sure all of you are familiar with her. She's one of Korea's most famous makeup artists, often the one creating the looks of your favorite JYP female idols (if you go to her channel, there's a ton of tutorials to recreate the looks, like Suzy's in Miss A's latest MV). She has also, in turn, launched a makeup brand of her own, and it's been raved about a lot. While one of the products in her brand is the tinted paste, which is a multi-use product for the face, lips, and eyes, she has come out with the Essential Cheek Blush, that come in pretty colors, as you can see in the photo. 

Pony Effect: 
Another person you probably know. Pony's known not only for being a famous youtuber, she's also known for being CL's makeup artist. While she has collaborated with memebox Korea in making her "That Girl" line, she's also come out with a ton of new products under her personal brand. First off, is the Coverstay Foundation. As the name implies, the foundation claims to give you coverage for a smooth and flawless look. 
Apart from that, she's also released a spray-type nail polish! The Spray Paint Nail Lacquer. At least you won't have to worry about whether or not your non-dominant hand will mess up your nails. 

There's also her Nice Shading Bronzers, for those of us who like to contour (I personally don't, though). She used to have the contour shade in her eyeshadow palettes, but now she's come out with a bronzer on it's own. 
And then she also a line of blush, called the Personal Cheek. 

And some lipstick, called the Outfit Lipstick. 

3 Concept Eyes:
They have 2 new products; one that's already launched, and another that will be launching very soon. First off, we've got the Brow Marker. A lot of new brow products, since the standard slanted brow pencil have come out, and brow markers are probably the latest trend, apart from brow gels and brow mascaras. 
Next up, is the soon-to-arrive product, another cushion product for the brand to jump into the cushion bandwagon, their Milk White Cushion. I personally feel like this is similar to one of A'Pieu's cushion products, where when you press into the sponge, the product is a milky white. 

That's all folks! Hopefully I'll be able to update again the week after next with new stuff. If you've been reading a lot of my posts, then I thank you for doing so, especially if you enjoy it. 


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