Short Reviews # 4

So, since it's been a few weeks in already, I thought I'd give out my opinions regarding a few things I bought and have already used over the course of time, or at least until I made this post. So, like usual, if you read my blog on a regular basis, you'd know how I do these short reviews. You can refer to the haul photos for reference so I can tell you all what I think of these products. To make up for the lack of photos, I will try and give long explanations as to what I thought as well as first impressions and all that. 

Cosrx BHA Summer Pore Minish Serum

Like I said before, I ran out of my Innisfree serum and while I do want to repurchase another bottle, I figured I'd try out other serums first before going back to it. The consistency is kind of watery, and the bottle's really sturdy (I dropped it once before, and was relieved to see that the bottle didn't break). It has some sebum absorbing powder at the bottom so you'd have to shake the contents for it to mix with the solution. I also don't use a cotton pad for this as I feel like my skin absorbs more when I use my bare hands to apply. 

Anyway, as I applied it, I usually spread it on the areas where my pores are just humongous and where I get oily a lot: the part of my cheeks that are right under my eyes, my nose and my forehead, then I spread it out to the rest of my face. I also use about 3 pumps of this right after the toner stage. 

It does a great job of somewhat mattifying my face once it's absorbed by my skin, and with continued use, I found that my pores were somewhat minimized and were less visible than before. 

Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? YES

Cosrx Natural BHA Returning A-Sol

This one, is made out of natural BHA, and I'm glad to say that I have another product that joins the ranks of my holy grail items. While some use it to treat their acne mainly, I use this daily as a toner. Just like the serum I mentioned previously, this toner is watery, and it comes in a pump type bottle, that's also pretty sturdy actually. I use quite a few pumps for this on a cotton pad and spread it on my face. 

At first, the smell seems to be a little unpleasant, but it wears off after I put on some on my face. I was very impressed with this toner because I was breaking out for some time (even using my previous toner) and this one just helped clear it out, and also minimized the redness I had on my cheeks as well. 

Rating: 4/5 - the scent is a little unpleasant
Will I Repurchase? YES

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Foam Cleanser

I decided to go right ahead to using this because I gave my Cosrx cleanser to my sister for her to try and start getting into taking care of her skin more now that she'll be turning 20 this year. I honestly don't have much of a preference when it comes to cleansers because all I want is just for my face to feel clean after taking my makeup off. But the Laneige Pore Deep Clearing Foam I used before just changed the game when it comes to foam cleansers for me. 

So I decided to try this one out, picking it up from a Face Shop branch in a mallI went a few weeks ago. I know Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic line is widely raved about, so I was curious on whether this was supposedly as effective as Innisfree's. 

The smell is a little citrusy, given there were some citrus components in the ingredients. And it foams really well on my face. So far, I have no complaints, it didn't break me out or irritate my skin. However, it wasn't anything spectacular either. But I still need to observe carefully this cleanser's effects, so I can't say that I know how I feel about this product yet. But I do like that this cleanser is pretty reasonably priced for that big a tube. 

Rating: TBD
Will I Repurchase? No - Mostly because I want to see more options. 

Banila Co. Tea Party Mask Sheets : Jasmine Tea (Calming) , Ginseng Tea (Energizing), English Breakfast (Firming), Oolong Tea (Brightening)

I ordered 2 of the Jasmine Tea mask sheets on BeautyMNL, and went to the Banila Co. boutique in Glorietta 4 one day. They were having a Buy 3 Get 1 sale on sheet masks so I went ahead and bought some more. 

First of all, I really love the cute packaging. The various designs on each kind of mask are what actually attracted me to trying these out. The designs actually reminded me of the illustration on the cover of "China Rich Girlfriend" and it suddenly made me think of that too. 

Second, my thoughts on this line in general: The essence in which the mask is soaked in is rather thick. Unless you live in a cold place, or unless you can stand putting this on during the day, these sheet masks are better applied on during your night time skincare routine. 

Third: Every mask sheet, except for the Ginseng Tea mask, would be my favorites. The Ginseng tea mask has a strong scent that I just find unpleasant. I had a hard time keeping that one on my face because I couldn't handle the scent. 

Lastly, I like using this whenever I just feel super lazy and don't want to go through the rest of my already very minimal skincare routine. 

Rating: 4/5 - Due to the thick essence and the horrible smelling ginseng tea mask. 
Will I Repurchase? Maybe

Holika Holika Before & After Mask Sheets: Night Overtime, Lesports, Job Interview, Taking A Trip

I ordered 2 sheets of the Night Overtime mask and bought the other three when I was in the mall one day. Compared to the Banila Co. mask sheets, these are way cheaper, by about Php 25 to 30, so it's a plus. I was curious on what these mask sheets were so I looked them up on the Beauty MNL site to see why they are named as such. 

First: I also love the cute packaging and the whole concept of these masks that are appropriate for certain situations or occasions. 

Second: The essences in which these masks are absorbed in are actually pretty light and fast absorbing, especially the Job Interview one, which is a Before mask, so I could understand why that one in particular was especially light and absorbed quickly. The scent is just lovely, and really nice and pleasant. 

Third: Much like the Banila Co. mask sheets, I also use this for when I feel lazy, and even when I feel like pampering myself a little bit more. 

Lastly, I just was downright impressed with these mask sheets. I really love everything about these sheet masks. 

Rating: 5/5 
Will I Repurchase? YES

Holika Holika Pro Beauty Enamel Volip Tint - Flash Coral

As I mentioned before, I watched Liah Yoo's review on the whole range, and it just really got me into buying it and trying it out the moment I saw these were up on the Beauty MNL website. Contrary to many lip tints that are water-based, or watery, this one is an oil-based tint, and it was my first oil-based tint, I might add. 

And oh my god. I think I found another holy grail lippie. 

Compared to many lip tints that have a tendency to dry out the lips, this tint does NOT do that at all, because it's an oil-based tint. It's so pigmented and feels so comfortable on the lips as well and the finish is just to die for. It leaves your lips moisturized and glossy and just..I could go on and on about this lip tint. 

And for Php545? It's very worth the hefty price tag. 

Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? HELL YES

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow - Dark Brown

Many youtubers actually rave about this product in particular. Skinny brow pencils are among the trend brow products in the K-beauty scene lately, so I was curious on all of that.  For those of you who are like me and need to put some attention to the eyebrows when doing makeup, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how this one turned out for me. 

A light hand, however, is needed, when it comes to this pencil because it may be skinny, but boy oh boy is it pigmented. It also comes with a spooly on the other end which is just as skinny as the product itself. 

A great step up on my brow routine, actually. It also lasts pretty long, especially when paired with the brow mascara I am about to review next. 

Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? Yes

Holika Holika Brow Mascara - Dark Brown

This kind of product in particular now holds the distinction of being my first brow mascara. I was wondering why people were so into brow mascaras or browcaras when it comes to 
keeping our brows on fleek ( I can't believe I just said "on fleek" ugh). 

This brow mascara is great for when you're lazy and/or in a hurry, as a few swipes will fill in your brows perfectly. It also lasts pretty long as well. So far, I am impressed, and pleasantly surprised with using this. 

Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? Maybe


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