What's New In K-Beauty 4.0

So, I think this has been long awaited, really. Work has suddenly underwent a big change, so while I wanted to update this blog with another post to inform my readers, outside obligations have once again prevented me from doing so. But, other than that, we're approaching the middle of the summer season in Korea, and thus more and more new products are in store, with emphasis on the season. 

If you're way behind on the new trends in the K-beauty scene, never fear! I'm here to inform you about some new releases that have been on the market recently, or for a few weeks now. They may not be new news to many of you, but for others, it would. While most of these have photos, there are other new releases from brands that I have not managed to get photos of. 

And thus, we shall start! I might post up my payday hauls sometime soon, when the 3rd and last package out of 3 has arrived safely in my hands. I would also be posting up a picture-laden review of one of them as well! 


Many makeup brands collaborate with famous beauty bloggers from youtube and on blogs, and A'Pieu has another collaboration, this time with famed beauty guru Yoon Charmi, releasing a few products as part of a collaboration with her. Among those products is a cutely packaged cushion!


While a lot of brands, their cushion products, or base makeup in general, aim for having that dewy glow that's wanted by a lot of Koreans. However, that probably only applies to those with very dry or normal skin. For us oily and combination skinned folks, that doesn't exactly seem very enticing, unless that's what we're after (because let's be real, we seem to have that glow even when we don't want it). There are brands, however, that released some cushions and foundations with semi-matte, matte, or powdery finishes, and Espoir has joined the list. They seemed to have repackaged and reformulated their Nude Liquid Powder Foundations and thus released this new one, alongside the Nude Liquid Powder Cushion. 

They have also just recently launched a new lippie as well! Called the Lip Printing cushion tint. And a stick foundation, their Pro Tailor Stick, the shade range of which is a lot more diverse, the dark shades being suitable for contouring and bronzing. 

Etude House: 

The brand has now joined the rest in creating a specially packaged versions of their products. They have the Wedding Peach collection, which not only includes some liquid or cream eyeshadows, lip tints, single eyeshadows, eye and lip pencils and even nails! 

Tony Moly:

In light with the summer season, Tony Moly has their summery looking Wonder Pool line, which includes a specially packaged BCDation cushion, nail polish, and tints. 


Looks like they've expanded their All-Day Lasting line, Real Ampoule line, and Idol lines. The newest addition to the All-Day Lasting line would be their All Day Spots Cover, which is similar to the Shiseido Spots Cover foundation, and a All-Day Spots Concealer, which focuses on covering up blemishes as it seems like the All-Day Lasting Tip Concealer is more on undereye circles. To their Real Ampoule line, they've added a Real Ampoule Highlighter, and Real Ampoule Color Correctors, and to their Idol lines, the newest addition would be the series of Idol Mascaras, Idol Pen, Brush, Pencil, and Liquid eyeliners, and of course the Idol Real Lash Fixer, which is basically similar to Etude House's Dr. Lash Fixer. 

3 Concept Eyes:

Aritaum has a special sun care line with the cartoon Barbapapa on it. This time, 3 Concept Eyes has a Barbapapa line, with a makeup pouch, eyeshadow quad, cushion, lipsticks, and a few cushion products. They have also launched their new Pot Eye Shadow, which I can assume is similar to the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes. 


Ba Ba Ba Ba Banana! Missha has another super cute character on and it's none other than the Minions! They have special editions of their Magic Cushion and Magic Cushion Moisture, with 3 kinds of minions to choose from. Alongside that is a foaming cleanser, eye palette, and lip crayons. Super cute! 


Mamonde has released the Cotton Veil primers and loose powders. Just like their Soft Bloom Makeup base, it's also in different colors depending on your needs. 

Holika Holika: 

Known for their Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream and their Aqua Petit BB Creams, the brand now has the Waterdrop Tinted Foundation. As the name implies, it's a lightweight, watery kind of foundation that could give off a dewy finish, and would adhere to the face like a second skin kind of thing. 

Pony Effect:

Pony sure is quickly expanding and promoting her line on the official instagram page. Pony now also has a Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter, which I think is a kind of primer that hydrates and gets your skin all glowy, like VDL's Lumilayer primer. She also has her Strobing Luminizer, which is basically a strobing cream, for those of us who prefer strobing over contouring and highlighting (a.k.a me). 

So, that's about what I could gather so far. Please keep an eye out for my payday haul post, which also includes my first impressions and somewhat reviews on those as well. 


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