What's New In K-Beauty 4.5

I have returned with another post, and this time, it's my usual "What's New"! We've approached the middle of the summer season in the countries with 4 seasons, but here in Manila, it's the hot/humid/rainy season where if it isn't sunny, it's super humid, and if it's rainy, it's still a little humid. It's humid all year round here, haha. So, let me get started on the many new things I've found here and there. 

The Face Shop: 
Seeing as they've come out with their Disney collaborations, releasing 3 cushions; a Mickey Mouse one, a Winnie the Pooh one, and a Mike Wazowski one, they also have some nail polish to go with it! This one in the photo, has your favorite characters from the One Hundred Acre Wood. Cute, right? 

Etude House:
In addition to their Play 101 pencils and sticks, they also have these! The Play 101 Primer Stick (which reminds me of the BeneFit Hello Flawless Oxygen primer stick..at least I think that's the name) and the Play 101 Blending Pencil. 

Banila Co: 
I feel like this isn't really new, but it is new to me, haha. They have the Two Kisses Dual Tint, which is similar to Etude's Twin Shot Lips or Two Two Kiss, or even Chosungah 22's dual tint. 

Could this be the start of Cosrx coming out with sheet masks? Hopefully! The brand has just launched their Holy Moly Snail Mask. 

Jung Saem Mool Beauty:
One of the most popular makeup artists in the K-beauty scene has also come up with some palettes! A few new palettes to be exact; there's the Artist Concealer Palette, and there are two kinds of that as well, one is color correcting, and the other one is for blemish concealing as well as undereye concealing. 

The other palette that she's come out with is the Artist Eyeshadow Palette and it also comes in two kinds; Neutral and Tender, which is full of neutral colors, a variety of beige and brown shades, and Modern and Chic, which has some darker hues, perfect for smoky eyes and for night time looks. 

There's also the Refining Color Bony Brow Mascara, a brow mascara with a unique looking wand. 

In time for the hot summer season in the countries where there are 4 seasons, Missha has launched the Aqua Cover Foundation. For a foundation that's released in the summer, I can assume that this not only provides perfect coverage, it's also lightweight and long-lasting. 

There's also the Color Ade Marker Tint, which is a pen-type kind of lip tint. 

Onto another K-beauty brand that may not be as known to a lot of people outside the country. Lapcos has recently launched a special line with the oh-so-popular and oh-so-classic smiley face. From an eyeshadow palette to a special cushion product, to lip products and nail polish. 

This brand, is a more high-end kind of brand, and is known for their First Care Activating Serum as well as their Perfecting Cushions, their latest one, the Perfecting Cushion Brightening, becoming quite a hit amongst many youtubers that have them. This time around, they came out with a Radiance Blusher, which looks so cute, and the packaging looks so sleek and pretty. 

Dear Klair's/Klair's: 
Another new product that's come out from the brand is their Mid-Day Blue Sun Lotion. It comes in SPF40 PA++. 

Pony Effect: 
Pony is definitely on a roll when it comes to releasing new stuff! This time, she's released a very summer-appropriate eye makeup product: her Intense Eye Tint. It's a liquid shadow that comes in a variety of colors and is packaged in the same rose gold kind of package, so it's safe to say that this kind of shadow is something to wear in the hot weather; it's easy to apply, and stays put for a long time. 


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