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Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion Review

So, I am back with another product review, and this time, it's for the Cosrx Make Me Lovely Cushion! I've mentioned this in a 'what's new' post before and I was so glad that BeautyMNL finally has this in stock since they're the site I go to for my Cosrx fix. 

I purchased this for Php 1,000 - fairly cheaper than most cushions that I know of, but a teeny bit more expensive compared to the Innisfree ones (from what I know of). So, let us begin! 

So, there's the box. It doesn't come with a refill, which is probably why it is a little cheaper. Hopefully Cosrx does think of putting out separate refills for this. It also comes in only one shade, so it goes without saying that it's the cushion form of the Make Me Lovely Cream. 

The packaging is cute. It's the same as their Make Me Lovely Cream in a tube and this is a lighter compared to my Laneige and IOPE cushions, since it's made of plastic. 

Opening the case, it's almost the same as any other cushion, but a visible difference compared to the others is that not only is the cap where the puff is placed bigger, the film, or sticker that covers the cushion itself is also pretty big as well, as you can see with the photo above. 

The puff is super soft too. And the underside where you put the product on is different. The usual cushion puff has a navy blue underside, but this one's orange, similar to the Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cushion, the Holika Holika cushions, as well as the other themed cushions. 

Now, at first I was surprised because the moment I took the cap off the sponge, it was like the photo above. 

But when I pressed the sponge...ta-da! A ton of product came up! Either that, or I pressed too hard, haha. The consistency is a little thick compared to your regular cushion foundation. 

Here are the swatches on my arm: 

And here's what it looks like on my face: 

My thoughts: 
  • Depending on how you apply it, whether by gliding the puff on your face or patting it in, it gives you a semi-matte finish. 
  • The puff... the puff actually holds a lot of product. I noticed this when I put it away for a bit, then opened it again and patted my hand, there was still some product left. 
  • The scent is really pleasant. Floral but not too much, but also clean at the same time. I'm not really good with describing scents, but you get my drift. 
  • Upon application, it has a cooling effect which is always a plus for me and it also means it's a good sheer base makeup for hot weather. 
  • There isn't much coverage, but it is rather buildable, although if you try and put on another layer, you might end up caking your face. 
  • It brightens up the face and actually evened out my skintone. 
  • It just makes the skin look healthy with that subtle glow too. 
  • Seeing as my skin is actually sensitive, apart from combination, my skin takes to this well. I didn't break out whatsoever. 
  • It also doesn't transfer. It stays put once you have it on. 
  • This is also perfect for daily use, or on days where you don't really want to wear so much makeup. 
  • As it is a cushion, it's also perfect for traveling. 
  • Still, depending on the weather, to get rid of shine, some setting spray and powder can help make this last longer.
My rating: 4/5 - Probably the only issue I have with this is that there's no refill for this yet.
Will I repurchase? Yes, hopefully there can be a refill out for this cushion. 


  1. I actually was thinking about purchasing this bb cushion since I'm in love with every COSRX product out there but there was many mixed opinions about it, so I refrained myself from getting it since I don't wanna ruin COSRX' perfect score

  2. Is this available on drugstores here in the philippines like watsons or sm beauty sections?

    1. It depends which branch you go to because most of the time, I only see them selling the Overnight Honey mask. Watson's in SM Sucat has them. Also, you have to REALLY look to spot Cosrx products, haha.

    2. I'm selling mine!! I heard that it's good but I can't use it because my I'm suuupeer tan (I won it from a raffle :D)

  3. I have tested the product. ... and at first I was shocked of the white cast!! My face was ssssooooo bright. Maybe because it was the shade 21.5. After I surpase that shock.... after I set it with powder... after a few hours it was trapped into my pores. Do you have the same experience?

    1. Yeah, there is a white cast. I haven't tried to set it with powder yet, but when I do, I will let you know. I suffer from huge pores myself :)


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