Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control (2016 Edition) Review!

The moment I saw Jen Kim (meejmuse on youtube) snapchat her attendance at the Laneige party and saw a glimpse of their new and improved bb cushions, I knew I had to get it. 

For months, I've been constantly checking other online stores to see if it was in stock, hoping that I'd get one that is my exact shade because the one I have is 2 shades lighter than me. While they were in stock, my shade was ALWAYS getting sold out, so of course I was bummed, haha. 

But since I got the chance to do one of my last hurrah hauls, I figured, why not buy it already, right? I inquired in a local online shop and they said they had it, and it was the last in stock, so naturally I got my hands on it and I legit squealed in my room when it arrived and when I finally had it.

Of course, by the title, you know I'm talking about the new Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control, which I will now be reviewing! 

So, there are many things that have changed in this cushion: I think they changed up the formula a little bit, they also changed the overall packaging, and! they have a total of 12 shades, 8 in Asia, plus 4 more everywhere else that has a Laneige, I think. The shades are divided into 2, one for neutral toned skins, a.k.a Asian skintones, and one for cooler toned skins. 

I got this off Dara Beauty Market for Php 1,500.00. For those of us who live in the Philippines, the Laneige boutiques don't have them yet, because according to the person who answered me, they will arrive in the 3rd quarter of the year (which probably means around this time, I dunno) I also got this in the shade N23 Sand and it comes with one refill that also has a puff so at least there's an extra puff in case the first one gets damaged.  

Let me squeal. I could have heard angels singing when I got it in the mail. haha. 

One thing I noticed was that not only is the cushion in general smaller than their previous version, so is the puff. Only two fingers would fit in this, unless you have thin or small fingers. haha. Also, the old refills wouldn't fit in this, seeing as it's small, so you'd have to purchase the new version of the refills for it to fit. I could probably do a comparison between the original one and this one, but I guess I'm already describing the differences that I found here compared to the other one I own. 

As with the other cushions, there's a strip or sticker whatever you call it on top of the cushion itself to keep the cushion inside fresh and new for when you use it the first time. 

Another difference is that in this version, the cushion looks more textured rather than smooth. I think this helps the puff pick up product better than the other one. 

A swatch as shown on my finger. 

As shown on the puff. 

My thoughts: 

  • I'm so glad I finally got this in the shade very close to my actual skintone. This is already the darkest shade but it still runs a teensy bit lighter on my face. The new versions run a little lighter than the previous versions. 
  • The coverage is buildable, but I prefer to use only one layer. 
  • It has a cooling effect upon application which is always a plus for me. Cooling products are always so nice. 
  • It sits on the skin well. It doesn't slip or slide around places. 
  • Just like the previous version, it makes those of us with huge pores (like me) look poreless! It fills in the pores and gives a flawless finish. 
  • The finish is also the same, a semi-matte, but it leans more on the matte side for me. 
  • The price is rather reasonable, and it's a good investment for those of us who are looking to try cushion foundations. 
  • Long-lasting too, which is great for countries with hot and humid climates. 
  • I guess my only issue with this, is what I've described in the first point: the shade range. The one I'm using is already at the darkest shade but it still seems to run a little lighter. 
  • This is highly recommended for those of us with normal, oily or combination skin types. For those with dry skin, it's best to use a moisturizing primer underneath. 
  • Overall, I'm just really satisfied with this cushion. It feels like a big step up from their previous one, not just in the packaging, which I think is why a lot more youtubers rave about this one than the previous one and which is also probably why it gets sold out a lot in certain shades. 
My rating: 5/5 

Will I Repurchase? The refill, yes, definitely. This cushion foundation/bb cushion is a great investment.  


  1. Hi! If the iope 2016 n21 is a bit lighter than my skin, should I order n23 in laneige?

    1. Hello!
      I don't have the 2016 version of the iope cushion, but if the n21 is a bit lighter than your skintone, then the n23 of the 2016 laneige one would be just fine. Although keep in mind that compared to the previous formula, the new Laneige cushions might still be lighter, so the darkest shade would be the best option.

  2. Hi Denise! What's the difference between #23C and #23N?

    1. Hello there! #23C is for skintones that are on the cooler side while #23N is more neutral or beige and for warmer skintones.

    2. Wow! Thanks for the prompt reply!


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