Attempted Look: Blue Liner & Red Lips

So I have decided to play with my makeup once again and show you lovelies what other looks I can create. This time, it's a combination of blue and red. Blue liner and red lips. It might not seem flattering for me, but it may look great on others! The whole inspiration for this look was from the movie "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Kay Thompson, who plays editor-in-chief Maggie Prescott, has this look of bright blue eyeshadow paired with a matte red lip. Unfortunately, I don't own matte lipsticks so this is my own glossy twist to it. This look could be worn everyday, and if you think the red is a little intense, do a gradient lip! 

Products used: 
IOPE Air Cushion #21 
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow - Dark Brown
Holika Holika 3 Second Brow Mascara - Dark Brown
Etude House Big Cover Cushion Concealer - Illuminate
Etude House Oh M'Eye Line Liquid Liner - Gray
Moonshot Pencil Extreme - Spark
The Face Shop Freshian Big Mascara
Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge - #8 Sunny Red


1. Prime your face, focusing your attention to your pores and for your makeup to last much longer, especially in the Manila weather. 

2. Put on your cushion foundation of choice, or bb cream or cc cream. I like to sheer mine out, but add more layers if you want more coverage. 

3. Because I'm currently trying to get in on the strobing trend, if you have a highlighter, whether liquid or powder, lightly put some on the high points of your face. If you want to contour as well, go ahead. 

4. Fill in your brows and shape them. 

5. Take a bright blue liner, and line your eyes according to your natural eye shape, and extend it just a little bit in a tiny wing. The thicker the blue liner, the better. 

6. Tightline your upper lashline or even your waterline with a black pencil eyeliner or just fill in the lashes with liquid liner. 

7. Curl your eyelashes and put some mascara. 

8. For the lips, you can either line them first with lipliner then go on ahead with applying the color, or you can do it straight on. Just be careful of bleeding or smearing around the edges. 


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