What's New In K-Beauty 5.0

So I am back with another post about the newest things in the world of K-beauty today! Also, I've brought on a new layout for the blog so it's nicer and sleeker now. I was originally supposed to put this up weeks ago, but since the outside world has piled a lot on my plate, I've only managed to put this up today. Let's begin! 


Another collaboration has come over the high-end K-brand Laneige. Here comes their Lucky Chouette collection. It comes with specially packaged versions of their new and improved BB cushions, as well as a multi-color palette, with is good for the eyes and cheeks. It also brings in their serum drop tint. 


YG cosmetic brand Moonshot has revealed their latest endorsers; none other than their newest girl group: BlackPink! And what better way to make them endorse the brand than by have them bring in the brand's newest product: the Lip Feat lipstick! It could be seen in their official site, with 16 shades available. 


As the seasons change, from summer comes fall, and Espoir has come out with their latest line: the Gentle Aura collection. With a 6-shade eyeshadow palette, new shades added to their Eyeshadow Exclusive, a contour and highlight stick, the Modern Kohl Eye Pencil which comes in 2 shades, and the Couture Touch Lip Fluid velvet. 

It's Skin:

For the brand's 10th anniversary, they're collaborating with another cute set of characters to remind us of our childhood. Sesame Street! 


The brand's line for their 2016 F/W collection is inspired by the wonderful city of Venice. They have 2 kinds of looks for their line: the Venezian Indigo and the Venezian Rose look. Each look has 2 kinds of lipsticks, the packaging has that iconic gondola design, as well as 2 shades of nail polish and an eyeshadow quad that has super pretty shades. I'm kind of partial to the Venezian indigo look myself because of the mix of dark blue and shimmery gold in the quad. 

Apart from that, they also have their newly packaged Tension Pacts in many colors. 

Pony Effect:

Pony sure keeps coming out with more and more products in her makeup brand. She's branched out to skincare and has introduced her Natural Purifying Cleansing Oil. 


The brand has added a few more products to their Rilakkuma collaboration collection. This time, they've come out with more of their mineral mono eyeshadows, all of the new shades are encased in brand new packaging. 

Etude House:

Two new lines are out from this ultra-cute K-brand. First, they've released their Pink Skull collection, with an eyeshadow palette, 3 mascaras, and two of which are the Curl Fix ones, two new shades of their twin shot lips, as well as 2 more colors to their Play 101 nail polishes. 

They have also collaborated with another Disney character! Dumbo! With their Moistfull Collagen line. 

I'm Meme:
Color correctors have been around for a while, but it's certainly booming in the K-beauty scene. Even the I'm Meme brand of Memebox has come out with their I'm Corrector; the color correcting concealers. 

Banila Co:

Banila co. is another brand to collaborate with another artist or fashion label. Here we have the Banila Co. / Iphoria collection! With a palette and a specially packaged cushion. 


Last but not least, the fashionable K-beauty brand, VDL. In lieu of the upcoming NY Fashion Week, the line has come out with the VDL meets Opening Ceremony collection, with specially packaged versions of their expert metal cushion, as well as their famous eye primer. 

They also released a new kind of lip palette, with four shades in each one. 


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