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Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB First Impressions/Review

So, I just reached my first 50 reviews on BeautyMNL and I got Php500 credits as a reward! I was thinking of what to spend it on, given that I haven't been able to really treat myself to some beauty stuff due to low funds (not even payday helps). So, I got this using the credits I had. The Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover BB cream. 

I got this in the shade #2 Natural Beige. It costs Php 475.00. It's got SPF30 ++ 

What's New in K-Beauty 6.5 + News!

Fall is here and the weather is getting colder for everyone in the world (not sure if it applies to us gals in tropical countries where the weather is forever either hot or humid or rainy). This means new makeup lines, new products, new shades and everything else! So I have a number of new stuff to share with everyone including some awesome news for those of us from the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

Etude House:

Etude House has quite a number of new stuff coming out. They actually release a lot of new stuff, from what I noticed. They now have their Color Balm Tint, which is basically a lip tint crayon. 
Then there's their My Little Nut collection, inspired by the Nutcracker in time for the colder and more festive season which has two Fantastic Color Eyes palettes, two Lucky Cheek Beams which I am assuming are highlighters in two shades #Cashew Nut Beige and #Coconut Coral. A My Little Nut perfume, specially packaged Dear My Enamel Lips Talk lipsticks, and specially p…

Attempted Look - Quick No-Makeup Makeup

And so I am back to playing with my makeup and back to doing a little tutorial for you lovely readers. There are a lot of versions of no-makeup makeup (some you can hardly call a no-makeup makeup look) looks and this one is mine. I got inspired after watching Estee Lalonde's No-Makeup Makeup look so I did my own take on that. This look can be done under 5 minutes. It's super quick and you can be out the door in no time while still looking put together. 

Products used: 

Espoir Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion
Holika Holika 1 Second Finish Browcara
Etude House Play 101 Eye Pencil 
Espoir Lip Stain Oil Tint 


Use a lightweight primer (a moisturizing one for dry-skinned gals and a pore-blurring one for those of us who have large pores). I didn't use any for this one though, but if you want your barely there base to stay put, then a primer is a must!Use your favorite BB cream/tinted moisturizer/cushion foundation. For those of us who use a cushion foundation, here's the…

The Products That Disappointed Me/Did Not Work For Me

Sadly, there won't be any photos. That is probably the first thing I should let everyone know. I'm probably a weird blogger for not taking photos of the products that have unfortunately disappointed me especially when I've made a previous review about it being good.

Because I am still under a buying ban (given that I do not have the funds to go try out new things at the moment), I was thinking of what else to post as I really want to be updating a lot more than I used to when I first started out. I am still trying to figure out how to go about in this blog actually so expect  inconsistencies when it comes to the content.

Anyway, before I really start, please keep in mind that this is just my opinion on these things. What I found disappointing might not be the case for another person so it's all down to personal preference. If it works fine for you then great, if not, that's cool too.

So, lets begin:

1. Banila Co. White Wedding Dream Cream

I previously gave this a good r…

The "How I Did My Makeup in High School" Tag

So, I went on a trip down memory lane after watching those videos of youtubers and how they did their makeup back in high school. In high school, I barely wore any makeup and if I did, I looked quite emo in a sense that I only lined my lower lashline, haha. I also swiped on some clear or pink lip gloss. I was really into glossy lips since high school so when a friend of mine gave me a lip gloss from a kids' makeup collection I think, it was something I used a lot until I ended up having to throw it away. 

But anyway, I only really started getting into makeup in college so before that, it was just me trying to put makeup on with the very little makeup I had (I only had like 2 to 3 products in my stash at a time). 

In the pictures below it wasn't so obvious that I had makeup on because I barely had some on even during a party like a graduation ball or something. This look is me on a weekend or at a party since makeup wasn't allowed in high school. I don't have the exact pr…

What's New in K-Beauty 6.0

As I promised in the previous post, I will be doing another round of 'What's New' in K-Beauty posts. Summer is over and fall is here which also means the makeup looks have transitioned from vibrant hues and waterproof makeup to dark and vampy lips and eyes. There are some people who still prefer to wear bright colors in the fall though, not that there's a fall season here in the PH but you get the idea. 
Anyway, I will be keeping you guys updated on what is new to me in this world of K-beauty that does not stop for anyone, and as you might have noticed I've changed the layout of my blog yet again. The main background image is one of those downloadable wallpapers from BeneFit so, just putting it out there. So let us begin! 

Espoir is launching their Moody Bloody line for their F/W season. It has a specially packaged version of their Pro Tailor Cushion EX along with specially packaged single eyeshadows, nail polish and perfume.The shadows and nail polish, along …

The Beauty Ride or Die Tag!

This tag, I've seen many youtubers do it, so I figured I'd do a blog version of the Beauty Ride-Or-Die tag. 

Basically, if you didn't have a makeup stash, or if you were stuck on a deserted island, which products would you have? And I'm tagging all of you. I will also be posting another What's New post after this too, so keep an eye out! 

So, here's mine. If you've done the tag, please let me know in the comments so I can check yours out! ^___^  

1. Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

Ever since I first got my hands on it, and recently got my hands on the new one, this is the ultimate BB cushion that I swear by. It doesn't settle into your pores, it doesn't break me out, it has a semi-matte finish and it lasts a long time. This is THE cushion foundation for me. 

2. Etude House Oh M'Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner

My first and, like in this tag, my last. There was a time that I went without it, and when I came back to using this I said to myself 'how did I go…

Attempted Look: Shimmery Gray + Pink

Hello again lovelies! 

I've gotten around to playing with my makeup again and I thought I'd do a look that calls for semi-matte skin, a wash of shimmery gray over the eyes and pinky-coral lips. It makes for a great day to night look too! 

Products Used:
Espoir Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion - #4 Petal
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 1 Sec. Finish Browcara - #4 Dark Brown
Innisfree Shadow Pencil - #10 Galaxy Gray
Innisfree Gel Liner Pencil - #9 Brown
Etude House Play 101 Pencil - #40
Banila Co. Tinted Love Glow Tint - #5 Fall in Pink

eSpoir Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion Update/Review

So, in my previous post, it was a first impressions for my 3 new acquisitions from eSpoir. The other two products (the eyeliner and the liptint), I figured I'd have already reviewed them from when I swatched them on. This leaves me to the cushion itself. 

I gave it a test run today, paired it with the eyeliner + the liptint and did my brows with the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown. I also primed my face for this with the Aritaum All-Day Lasting Primer. 

Since I commute, I think this is a perfect opportunity to see if my foundation can withstand the Manila weather. Also, I did not retouch my base makeup for us to see if this is sweat-proof. 

Before, when I just left the house around 7 am:

In the natural light, you can see that the shade I got has a pinkish hue, so a pinkish beige, but I personally don't mind that. 

After, a few hours later, nearly 3pm: 

I was at a very long line at a sale in S&R, so I stood in the scorching heat. It also led me to…

eSpoir Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion, Lip Stain Oil Tint & Pro Definition Palette Liner Set Swatches + First Impressions

So, I may not have pushed through with my trip to Korea, but my friend was nice enough to get me the stuff I wanted. Espoir is one of the brands that I've been dying to try out because they all look so pretty and nice. These are just three things actually, and one of them is a gift. My reaction to seeing all this is the same reaction I had when I received my Laneige cushion. 

Oh, I mentioned this before in a What's New post too, so it's like one of my dreams has come true. haha 

So, let us start!!

The things I have: 
- Ultra HD Nude Liquid Powder Cushion  - #4 Petal 
- Pro Definition Palette Liner - Intense Black
- Lip Stain Oil Tint - #5 Paris

Let us start with the biggest one among the three. This is my friend's birthday gift to me too by the way. 

Espoir came out with their Nude Liquid Powder Foundation before, but recently I think they changed up the formula a little bit and the packaging of the bottles as well. They now even have a cushion for it as well. I'm actually…