The "How I Did My Makeup in High School" Tag

So, I went on a trip down memory lane after watching those videos of youtubers and how they did their makeup back in high school. In high school, I barely wore any makeup and if I did, I looked quite emo in a sense that I only lined my lower lashline, haha. I also swiped on some clear or pink lip gloss. I was really into glossy lips since high school so when a friend of mine gave me a lip gloss from a kids' makeup collection I think, it was something I used a lot until I ended up having to throw it away. 

But anyway, I only really started getting into makeup in college so before that, it was just me trying to put makeup on with the very little makeup I had (I only had like 2 to 3 products in my stash at a time). 

In the pictures below it wasn't so obvious that I had makeup on because I barely had some on even during a party like a graduation ball or something. This look is me on a weekend or at a party since makeup wasn't allowed in high school. I don't have the exact products with me anymore since it was a long time ago so I'm recreating my high school makeup look with the products I do have. It's a pretty simple look that I did in under 5 minutes too. 

The products I used today: 
Espoir Lip Stain Oil Tint - #5 Paris
Etude House Play 101 Pencil - #1, #3

What I would do, because back then I had black pencil liner and a pearly white pencil liner, was to line my lower lashline with the black pencil liner first. Then I'd put the pearly white on top of it so it ends up looking like a gunmetal color. 

Afterwards I'd swipe on some lip gloss and I'm good to go. haha. 

How did you do your makeup in high school? Share it in the comments below! 


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