The Products That Disappointed Me/Did Not Work For Me

Sadly, there won't be any photos. That is probably the first thing I should let everyone know. I'm probably a weird blogger for not taking photos of the products that have unfortunately disappointed me especially when I've made a previous review about it being good.

Because I am still under a buying ban (given that I do not have the funds to go try out new things at the moment), I was thinking of what else to post as I really want to be updating a lot more than I used to when I first started out. I am still trying to figure out how to go about in this blog actually so expect  inconsistencies when it comes to the content.

Anyway, before I really start, please keep in mind that this is just my opinion on these things. What I found disappointing might not be the case for another person so it's all down to personal preference. If it works fine for you then great, if not, that's cool too.

So, lets begin:

1. Banila Co. White Wedding Dream Cream

I previously gave this a good review but I feel like down the line it just did not do anything for me anymore. It's just one of those products where at first it worked fine but then as time went by it somehow diminished in quality for me. Maybe because it was so hyped up at first that I was so eager to try it but then now that I have, it just did not work anymore. Plus, I think it made my t-zone oilier than it usually is. 

2. Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Lotion

Apart from me reaching for serums instead of heavy moisturizers and creams, this lotion takes a long time before it's absorbed into my skin. My mistake.

3. The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Foam Cleanser

Where do I begin? Okay, for the past few weeks I have been having skin issues. Like I have bumps and spots on my cheeks and up to my temples for some reason and it even shows up all the more when I'm all sweaty and hot. So I did a little process of elimination when it came to my skincare while avoiding makeup. Most of the products I use on my skin are repurchasables, so I know I don't break out from those. And with this one, I figured, 'hey I can't be breaking out from my facial wash, right? it's facial wash' But boy oh boy was I wrong.

It was a few days ago where I thought that maybe the foam cleanser is what is breaking me out. I mean, I changed my pillowcases and everything but it didn't seem to solve my skin issues. So I skipped using the foam cleanser and used my mom's Pond's one. The next day, my skin issues were almost completely gone, a.k.a MY FOAM CLEANSER BROKE ME OUT. And to think, this foam cleanser claims to really clean my pores and just clogged them up instead.

4. Aritaum Style Pop Waterproof Eye Pencil

Usually, gel pencil liners or gel liners tend to dry up over time, but this one dries up pretty quickly. It's also very hard for me to line my eyes without tugging on my eyelids. The sponge tip on the cap? It doesn't work either. 

5. Aritaum Parasol Tone Up Sunblock

Probably for the same reason why I didn't like the Innisfree lotion. It's a little too thick and with this one, it stings my eyes as well. It's also a bit sticky on the fingers upon application and I didn't really like that. This sunblock made me realize that I'd prefer the lightweight kinds. 

6. Cosrx Blackhead Silk Finger Balls

I think I've reviewed this in a short review post before but I'll say it again. I feel like this is more of a gimmicky product because it only does half of what it claims to do. Pore strips are better for taking out blackheads, not this. 


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