Aritaum Styling Eyes Palette & Idol Brow Mascara - First Impressions

In keeping with the previous post, I thought I'd do a picture-laden review of the two makeup products I got today. Well, one, because the other one I am already wearing in one of the photos below. 

As I've previously mentioned, I got these off Dara Beauty Market (you can find the link to their page in my 'where to buy' post in the tags) for Php 420.00. 

I've only seen this on other online shops and I was so happy to be able to order them, and legit squealed when the package came today. 

So, here we go! My first impressions of the Aritaum Styling Eye Palette. 

I got the Grey Brown palette, one of four eyeshadow palettes; orange browns, neutral beiges, and a burgundy one. It's made up of 4 mattes and 1 shimmer. 

It's actually pretty small, which is great for stashing in your makeup bag when you want to touch up somewhere. It also comes with a dual ended sponge-tip applicator which is also great if you want to put these shadows on and you can't be bothered to reach for a brush or if you don't have makeup brushes. 

The swatches. As you can see, the supposedly shimmery one (the middle shade in between the three darker shades) goes on really sheer, and I mean REALLY sheer. If you want to intensify the color, you might have to pack on a lot of product or apply it with your fingers. Or you might want to grind off some of the product and mix it with some duraline to make a cream eyeshadow or something. 

I decided to play with these right away, and I used the sponge tip applicators for this. I still suck at putting eyeshadows on though. Keep in mind that I didn't use an eye primer when I put this on. 

On my brows: Aritaum Idol Brow Mascara - Natural Brown (Php 240.00 in Dara Beauty Market). I'm so not used to the wand in this one. It's a lot longer than the Holika Holika browcara. 

Thoughts so far: 

1. The shadows are blendable, which is nice. 
2. They are actually very powdery in texture, as a lot of eyeshadows are I think. 
3. Pigmentation is so-so. The Etude House Look at My Eyes shadows actually fare better than this one. 
4. Unless you pack on a lot of the product, you won't be able to see the shimmer in the supposedly shimmery shade. 
5. Not so much fallout, which is great. 
6. You know how there are eyeshadows that are scented? Or have this scent to them? There's no scent with this one which is good for those who are sensitive to that. 

Overall, I wouldn't call this a great product. It's not great, but it's not really bad either. 


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