Short Reviews # 6

So now, I thought I'd get around to doing some short reviews for my skincare products. This might be a shorter review post compared to the others, but that's only because I just got around to not being totally broke a few months ago, so I wasn't able to try out newer products. Still, I did try out a few new things. The rest of the products I currently use, I've already previously reviewed. 

Also, I'm sort of on a Laneige kick lately. The new BB cushion pore control is my HG, and now I find myself venturing into their skincare, which is just as raved about. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Thoughts: I didn't know why I decided to get this just recently, because I've been hearing so much good reviews about this product. Anyway, I love that it's in a gel form, because I don't really like heavy creams and stuff. I also love how quickly it's absorbed into my skin. After using it the first few times, I've definitely noticed how my complexion got brighter and even my mom told me I was glowing like a bride on her wedding day. And to think I'm not even married nor am I getting married at the moment! haha. 

The price is a bit steep depending on where you buy yourself a tub, but it is actually worth it since it really works while you sleep. It didn't break me out as well, so that's another plus. 

Rating: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? Yes. I'm actually more than halfway through the tub I have so I'm probably repurchasing another tub (or two) soon. 

Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner Moisture 
Thoughts: When I read the description for this, I found out that this was more targeted for those with normal to dry skin, so I wasn't sure if this was really for me. But, I decided to try it out, since my cheeks are dry while my t-zone's oily. It's a little thick for a watery toner, and it looks a bit milky in color. I've used this a few times and while I'm not sure if it did anything for my oily t-zone, it does help hydrate the dry parts of my face. The smell is the same as the rest of the products as well, but it does fade when I put it on my face with a cotton pad.

Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase? No. It's too pricey for a toner, and it's not for my skin type. 

Laneige Balancing Emulsion Moisture
Thoughts: I've been looking for a good moisturizer for a while now, so when this was included in the set, I just breathed a sigh of relief. I'm not really one for heavy lotions and creams on my face, and this is lighter than a cream but still a moisturizer nonetheless. After trying it out a few times, I really can say that this works for me. It helped clear up the bumps on my forehead as well... or some of it at least. The scent is the same as the others, but it does fade once I put it on my face. It also comes with a pump, which keeps things hygienic and it's easily absorbed into the skin. 

Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase? As much as it's great for my skin, it's just a little too pricey for me so I will not repurchase this. I'm better off trying the Cosrx ones, as they are much cheaper. 

Laneige Water Bank Essence
Thoughts: This was part of the sample sizes of the Milky Way Fantasy Basic Duo set. To be fair, it's a good sample size too. I get a good amount of product. It's lightweight, and moisturizing. It smells the same as the Skin Refiner, Balancing Emulsion and the moisture cream. It's efficacy is the same as the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, only a lot pricier when you purchase the full size. 

Rating: 4/5
Will I Purchase? The full-size, yes, mostly to compare the efficacy between this one and the Green Tea Seed Serum. 


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