What's New in K-Beauty 7.0

So I am back again with posting another "What's New" in K-beauty. I'm pretty sure many of you lovely readers of my blog already know what's new in a lot of brands lately. But for the benefit of those who are still fairly new or do not keep up with what's happening. I apologize for yet another super late post (I'm pretty inconsistent and I'm sorry for that!). Work just has been super crazy and I had some personal issues going on in my life. 

Jumping right ahead, as I've said before, these products/lines may not be very new to a lot of people anymore, but it is still new to me. So let's begin! 

Etude House: 

One of the trends in K-Beauty that I've noticed is of color correcting. For those who don't know, this takes place before concealer or foundation in particular. So, Etude House has changed the packaging of their Any Cushion - color correcting ones. It actually now looks more similar to their bb cushions. They previously only had the Play 101 contour duo sticks, and now they have the color correcting ones! 

There's also the Easygraphy Brush Liner for us eye makeup junkies out there. I personally like brush liners more than pen liners, mostly because I use them more. 


SkinFood is collaborating with another artist for one of their newest lines: SkinFoodxBouffants and Broken Hearts. They have specially packaged versions of some products, including their three bb cushions that each have different designs. Meanwhile, there's also their new Delicious Oil Rouge lipsticks too. I am loving the peach one in the picture, haha. 


A few weeks ago I think, Espoir had an online pre-selling of their brand spanking new holiday collection called Fake Fur. The line has a specially packaged NoWear G lipstick along with an eye and cheek palette that resembles the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. The packaging for this is all in rose gold/gold and baby pink that all comes in one pink furry clutch. Cute, right? 

They have also added another brow product in their arsenal. It's similar to the dip brow pomade that Anastasia Beverly Hills has. This is their Long Wear Brow Gel Cream, complete with brush (I think this comes in a set, but you can also purchase this individually). 

And then they have their Color Master Eye Palette. I wish K-Beauty brands come out with eyeshadow palettes that have a matte black shade, because it's so hard to find matte black eyeshadow among the brands lately. 


Fight crime and save the world with Peripera! haha jk, but yes, PeriperaXPowerpuff Girls is here! Pick out a bb cushion with your fave Powerpuff Girl along with special eyeshadow trios, mascaras and lip tints. 

Holika Holika:
Unfortunately, for those of us living in the PH, the Holika Holika Gudetama line is exclusively available in SoKor. Oh well, we can order online, right? Anyway, looks like their Gudetama collection is here to stay and isn't a one season thing. They've added more skincare products to their range, including a cleansing foam and some creams. 


Speaking of permanent ranges, A'Pieu's Rilakkuma collection looks like a permanent one. they've added a lot more specially packaged products to the line, including a mini makeup box that consists of both lip and eye products. 


Last but not the least, Innisfree! They only had their Soybean Energy Essence before, but now they've added more products to the Soybean energy line. Among the products included are a face oil too! 


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