Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencils

Bless Etude House for stepping up their makeup game lately, well not lately but they just keep coming out with really good products that I want to get my hands on. Honestly, I kind of fell out of love with the brand for some time, but I always went back because I love their eyeshadows and eyeliners...their eye makeup in general. But, when I saw that they launched these babies months ago, I knew I had to have it. 

Hurrah because Etude House here in the Philippines now has it, although the MoA branch pretty much took out like 98% of the Play 101 Pencils as a consequence. 

Photo taken by my sister!

So, following the Play 101 Pencils and the Play 101 Sticks are these wonderful suckers. Think of the Play 101 pencils, but as the name implies, much more blendable and creamy. These are Php 478 each and I got the shades 11 and 12. They have about 22 shades in total and yes, they are also multi-use. 

Shade 11 is a more coppery kind of rose gold or something like that, while 12 is a gorgeous bronze. Sorry, I'm not good with describing colors. 

Please excuse the forehead bumps and the huge pores >.< 

So I did a little eye look, using the two pencils. I lined my eyes with the Play 101 Pencil in 1, and filled in my brows with the Aritaum Matte Formula Auto Brow Pencil in Dark Brown. Although I guess I'm fortunate enough that my brows are a bit on the fuller side because the brow pencil is great for filling in some sparse areas. 


  • These are super creamy and pigmented. 
  • It's best to work with these right away once it's smeared on the lids because once they set, they will NOT BUDGE at all.
  • Since they don't budge, they make great summer makeup staples. Although I'm not sure if that could be the case for the shades that are used for the lips. 
  • Another pro is that they can easily be removed with some makeup remover, or micellar water. 
  • I kind of wish they offered more shades than the usual neutrals and browns for the eyes and face so I'm hoping they do that. 
Rating: 5/5 
Will I Repurchase? Yes. 


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