My Current Skincare Routine/Skincare Items I'm Using At the Moment

I feel like it's about time for me to post my current skincare routine. Honestly, my routine has barely changed over the time I started having a skincare routine. I'm sort of trying to streamline my routine to several items (kinda like a cross between the laid-back Parisian way of skincare and the very meticulous Korean skincare routine) while changing up the specific products that I use for my skin. 

If you're pretty new to the whole skincare routine, I do advise you to take into consideration  the climate or the time of year because seasons change and so does what we need to put on our faces. If you're living in a country where it's hot, humid, and rainy all year round like me, then you might find some inspiration on where to start in my current routine now. 

Obviously, I'm not a Laneige fan at all >.< 
On days where I wear makeup, I do a double cleanse. I use my L'Oreal Micellar Water to remove traces of my makeup first. I've actually been looking for cheap but effective makeup removers lately and this does the job pretty well. On days where I feel like I need to wash my face for a bit and especially in the morning, I cleanse my face with this. 

Then, I follow with a foam cleanser, like my Pond's Acne Clear Anti-Acne Facial Foam. Ever since the day I realized my The Face Shop foam cleanser was the one responsible for my breakouts, I've become wary when it comes to trying out foam cleansers from other K-brands. But I can say that so far, Etude House (Happy Tea Time and Every Month Foam Cleansers), Cosrx (Good Morning Gel Cleanser), and Laneige (Pore Deep Clearing Foam) cleansers have never broken me out. For now, I'm sticking by my Pond's foam cleansers because not only are they incredibly affordable, they're also keeping breakouts away. 

Next, I use my Laneige Essential Power Skin Refiner Moisture. Washing with a foam cleanser or a cleanser in general tends to strip the skin of moisture, so make sure to follow with a toner that can bring back some of the moisture while removing any leftover residue or makeup that cleansers can't take away. I was skeptical of this at first, because this toner was more suited for normal to dry skin and I am combi-skinned (oily t-zone, normal/dry cheeks). But as I used it, there were times that I felt my skin, especially my cheeks, were hydrated enough just after using it alone. It may have even helped clear the bumps on my forehead too. 

Next, I use my Laneige Balancing Emulsion Moisture as a moisturizer. I'm also a believer in the three-step skincare routine I've always had as a pre-teen and teenager (blame the Clean and Clear commercials for this! LOL). I don't really like those heavy creams and moisturizers because not only will it feel so greasy on my skin, knowing the Philippine weather, it's just going to melt off. Emulsions and gel-type creams are my jam, as they're lightweight and fast-absorbing. Whenever I've pumped out a little too much product, I put some on my neck, the same goes for my toner. 

On nights where I feel like I need an extra dose of moisture, or just when I feel like pampering myself, I put on a sleeping mask. My holy grail Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is it for me. I'm so tempted to make this a night cream because of its effects whenever I use it. It also fits my criteria for a good moisturizer: fast-absorbing, hydrating, a gel-type. Oh, and the smell is incredibly relaxing too. 

There are times when I get lazy, or where I just really can't be bothered to do my whole skincare routine. When I don't feel like reaching for a cotton pad to put my toner on after cleansing, I reach for my Cosrx One-Step Pimple Clear Pads. Forreals, this is a life-saver for lazy girls or for people on the go all the time. They're cotton pads that have already been soaked in their BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (another favorite toner/acne treatment solution of mine) and they are ready to use. As the instructions would say, the textured side is for exfoliating and clearing out dirt and grime, and the smooth side is for product absorption. 

And then of course there is the mandatory sunscreen. I use two products actually, to up the SPF game I have. First is the Laneige All-Day Anti Pollution Defensor. This isn't totally like a sunscreen as it is more like a serum that protects the skin from pollutants. Knowing that Metro Manila has a ton of pollution, that can actually cause some damage to the skin. This product not only protects my skin from pollutants, it also has SPF 35 which is alright, but then you'll have to reapply after an hour or so and I ain't got no time for that. 

Next is a holy grail product of mine, the Biore Aqua Rich UV Watery Essence. This sunblock is the benchmark, the standard for all my future sunscreens. Then again, as if I'd be using any other sunscreen than this one though. Anyway, I like almost everything about this product. One: it's got SPF 50. Two: It's light-weight and more on a watery consistency. Three: It's fast-absorbing. Four: It dries to a powdery finish. Five: It hydrates the skin as well. The only issue I have with this is the size. I really wish this had a bigger size. 


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