February Haul!

It's that time again for me to post up my beauty hauls for this month. As you may have noticed, I compile all my hauls into one post because I usually buy my makeup and skincare at around the same time. I have noticed, from how I purchase things, partly for myself and partly for this blog is that I tend to be drawn towards skincare a lot more than makeup now. I personally think it's a good thing since a good canvas for the makeup starts with great skin. 

Although lately, I've been suffering from breakouts for some reason (it might be because I'm nearing my time of the month), so I'm trying to retreat to my tried and tested products in terms of skincare which means, there isn't much on skincare side of things this time. 

However, hurrah for new makeup! New eye makeup, to be specific. I bought these from the nearest Etude House and Tony Moly boutiques as well as ordered them off Kkochipida.com (see my "where to buy" tag). 

Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Cream - I've noticed that cleansing creams are back on trend, or maybe that's just me, haha. Compared to the huge tubs of Pond's cleansing creams that I am familiar with, this one by Etude House is somewhat cheaper by Php 50-60. 

Tony Moly Master Lab Mask Sheet - Again, I'm hoarding sheet masks for a rainy day, so no need to explain further, haha. But I am reaching for products that would sooth my skin, because I notice that it gets a bit stressed, and so I get red spots here and there on my face, especially when it's hot. 

Espoir Pin Up Curler Eyeshadow Duo - This collection, I think, is already discontinued in Korea, but when I saw these on the kkochipida site, I knew I had to get these. I can finally try and do a Harley Quinn look with these shadows, the first Espoir shadows I now own too. 

The Face Shop Bio Cell Mask Sheet - Some more sheet masks to add to my stash! I got the recovery ones for the same reason I got the ones from Tony Moly. My skin needs a helluva soothing session. 


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