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SkinFood x BBH Vita Fit Poreless Cushion

So far, I've only tried out about 3 or 4 products from SkinFood, and that was pretty much years ago when my friend would give it to me because she didn't like it as much. When the SkinFood x BBH (Bouffants & Broken Hearts) Collaboration came out however, that just really got me into wanting to try out more products from the brand. Also, I love looking through their official Instagram account because everything looks so cute and nice. 
Anyway, this is another first impressions/review of sorts of one of their BBH Edition cushion foundations, the Vita Fit Poreless Cushion. I ordered this from Seoulfinds Manila way back in February and it just arrived this month. I managed to get this just in time because SkinFood in Korea was having a 50% off sale in base makeup.