SkinFood x BBH Vita Fit Poreless Cushion

So far, I've only tried out about 3 or 4 products from SkinFood, and that was pretty much years ago when my friend would give it to me because she didn't like it as much. When the SkinFood x BBH (Bouffants & Broken Hearts) Collaboration came out however, that just really got me into wanting to try out more products from the brand. Also, I love looking through their official Instagram account because everything looks so cute and nice. 

Anyway, this is another first impressions/review of sorts of one of their BBH Edition cushion foundations, the Vita Fit Poreless Cushion. I ordered this from Seoulfinds Manila way back in February and it just arrived this month. I managed to get this just in time because SkinFood in Korea was having a 50% off sale in base makeup. 

The packaging is pretty much like your standard cushion, although it's thinner and made out of plastic compared to the Laneige and IOPE cushions that I have, except this collaboration has a cuter design which is why I got it. There are three cushions in the SkinFood BBH collaboration, two of which are mainstays; the Vita Fit Serum Glow cushion and the Vita Fit Coverlasting Cushion. The puff is also specially designed too, which makes it super cute. 

I got the shade #3 Beige Skin because the swatches that I saw online for #2 seemed a little too light for me. 

It also has the usual sticker on top of the cushion itself to keep the foundation fresh and bacteria-free. Also, a little tip that I just found out after opening is that there is a plastic film on top of the mirror (like what you see on smartphone screens, tablets, and your watches) in case you find that the mirror isn't very nice. True enough, it was the same on my Cosrx cushion too, haha. 

I think I pressed a little too hard

Like many other cushion foundations, they all have the same kind of smooth sponge. I think I got used to seeing a textured sponge because I love my Laneige bb cushion so much. It does have a flowery scent to it, similar to the Espoir UHD Nude Liquid Powder cushion (they might come from the same company) so for those who are pretty sensitive to smells or prefer their products unscented, then you might not like it. Although it does fade once applied on the skin like my swatch below. 

I got a little weirded out when the swatch on my hand made it look a little too yellow or dark, but then it's because there was a lot of product on my finger. I swiped the remaining foundation on my jaw and it matched my skin tone. I'm pretty fair, but I have to use the darkest shades in Korean cushion foundations. 

Lesson: your jaw is the most reliable part of your body that you can swatch foundations/concealers on. Then again, this isn't a new lesson, it's just a tip. 

My no-makeup face.

After application

Products I also used: 

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 3 Sec. Finish Browcara - Dark Brown
Innisfree Powerproof Brush Liner - Dark Navy
Banila Co. Tinted Love Glow Tint - Fall in Pink

I had to make sure this was my exact skin tone when I applied it by the window. So far, in terms of coverage, it's more of a medium coverage. Build up and it might look cakey. Also, the puff picks up a lot of product when I gently pressed it into the sponge. Forreals, a lot of product a.k.a the sponge is hella soaked in it. 

Thoughts so far: 

  • It's not too dewy but it isn't totally matte either. More like a satin finish.
  • This may be more ideal for normal to dry skin. Since I have combination skin, it might look a little greasy (or maybe it's because I was sweating when I put this on) 
  • It did manage to cover up the places where my pores are big.
  • It does transfer quite a bit, so setting sprays and setting powders can help stop that.
  • I haven't really tested it out in terms of longevity but it does manage to hold up after 2 or 3 hours.
  • I can't say for sure if it's sweat-proof, given that I tend to get really sweaty on my face quite a lot. 
  • As I usually say, put a primer on to make this last longer. 
  • A little goes a long way when you press the puff into the cushion. Seriously. A light hand is needed.
  • As for packaging, it's quite slimmer compared to my Laneige cushion, which can be a little bulky. You can take both cushions anywhere though. haha 
I still have to try this out for a few more weeks to see whether I really like it or if it's so-so for me. 


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